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‘Harmony Prenatal Test’, ‘MaterniT21 PLUS’, and the ‘Non-invasive verifi prenatal test’: What are these new prenatal tests and where can you get tested?

These three tests (‘Harmony Prenatal Test’, ‘MaterniT21 PLUS’, and ‘Non-invasive verifi prenatal test’) are examples of different brands of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT). NIPT uses new technology to detect fetal aneuploidy during pregnancy.  Genetic material (DNA) in human cells is … Continue reading

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Relative Risk in the context of Health Research

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about relative risk in the context of health research. Relative risk is used to describe the chance of an event occurring with respect to the chance of the event not occurring, or occurring in … Continue reading

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Study shows that breast and cervical cancer kills more women globally than labour

For years, it was assumed that young women in poor countries had a higher risk of dying in childbirth than from cancer. But a new study shows that’s changing: Breast and cervical cancers are killing more women than labour in … Continue reading

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What’s in your vagina………?

Last week my colleague Emily introduced readers to the exceptionally good-looking VOGUE study team 🙂 – see last week’s post – and the research our group is doing to help women in Canada and around the world maintain their reproductive … Continue reading

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