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‘Harmony Prenatal Test’, ‘MaterniT21 PLUS’, and the ‘Non-invasive verifi prenatal test’: What are these new prenatal tests and where can you get tested?

These three tests (‘Harmony Prenatal Test’, ‘MaterniT21 PLUS’, and ‘Non-invasive verifi prenatal test’) are examples of different brands of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT). NIPT uses new technology to detect fetal aneuploidy during pregnancy.  Genetic material (DNA) in human cells is … Continue reading

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This week some updates to keep you ‘in the know” about women’s health

Hello WHRI followers, Today’s blog entry consists of a summary of two topics in the recent health media that affect women’s health in significant ways.  Hope you enjoy…. A quick review of my blogging history (here, or here, or here) … Continue reading

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