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Will vaccinating pregnant mums protect newborns from whooping cough? Research study to find answers.

Vancouver – January 23, 2014 Researchers hope that vaccinating pregnant mothers against whooping cough will transfer protective antibodies to babies before birth and then afterwards through breast milk. Babies in British Columbia are vaccinated against whooping cough (pertussis) as part … Continue reading

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Relative Risk in the context of Health Research

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about relative risk in the context of health research. Relative risk is used to describe the chance of an event occurring with respect to the chance of the event not occurring, or occurring in … Continue reading

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Help Us Help You!

A healthy vagina contains many different types of bacteria. The presence of these ‘good’ bacteria helps keep other ‘bad’ bacteria in check. Any imbalance in the number and type of bacteria that are present in the vagina has a direct … Continue reading

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HPV Vaccine is a ‘life-saving’ vaccine – AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics has taken an aggressive stance in response to false statements about HPV vaccines that have been made recently in the US Republican presidential campaign, including misinformation such as the HPV vaccine is dangerous and can … Continue reading

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‘An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away’

I am sure most of us have come across this phrase at some point in our daily lives. It has been put to the test by time and numerous research studies that have only added more significance to it. Yet … Continue reading

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This week some updates to keep you ‘in the know” about women’s health

Hello WHRI followers, Today’s blog entry consists of a summary of two topics in the recent health media that affect women’s health in significant ways.  Hope you enjoy…. A quick review of my blogging history (here, or here, or here) … Continue reading

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What’s in your vagina………?

Last week my colleague Emily introduced readers to the exceptionally good-looking VOGUE study team 🙂 – see last week’s post – and the research our group is doing to help women in Canada and around the world maintain their reproductive … Continue reading

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