What We Do

“The establishment of the WHRI signals a strong commitment to prominent issues in the area of women’s health.” ~ Dr. Deborah Money, Executive Director.

In March 2005, the Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) was established by BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre to enhance and galvanize the impact of women’s health research conducted at BC Women’s Hospital and throughout BC.

The WHRI is devoted solely to improving the health and health care of girls and women, to serve as a catalyst for research in women’s health and to support an expanding national network of women’s health researchers, policy makers and healthcare providers.

By embracing innovation and living the vision that leading research opens the doors to better health for all women, the Institute is rapidly becoming the leader in Women’s Health Research.


“Leading research: Better health for all women”


“Creating new knowledge and evidence-based solutions that inform and transform the health and health care of all women”

Values and Commitments

* To encourage Excellence and Innovative thinking in women’s centred health research.
* To be Ethical and Transparent in our actions and activities.
* To be Equitable and Inclusive in all we do.
* To respect Diversity and promote a Sustainable environment for women’s health research.

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